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June 3-August 1
Ages 14-18 (9th-12th Grade)
Running Track

The CYUP Summer Distance Training Program is designed to prepare endurance athletes for a successful upcoming season. Unlike many distance training  programs that just have athletes run mileage, CYUP believes in incorporating strength, power, speed and mobility while concurrently building the athlete's base endurance. The goal of the Summer Distance Training Program is to make athletes more physically and mentally prepared when it comes to competition. This program teaches athletes how to train in a positive team environment and grow to be future leaders.

While this program is tailored for athletes competing in the 800m-5k, any endurance athlete can benefit from this program. We believe in better athletes, not just better runners.

Athletes are placed in appropriate training groups that match their training levels. 

CYUP Summer Distance Program


Start: June 3-August 1

Days: Monday-Thursday (June 3-6 - 530pm-7pm, June 10-August 1 - 9:30am-11:15am)

Cost: $450

If you are interested in training but can only train on certain days please reach out so that we can help accommodate you. 

Location: Montrose Track



Includes the following:

- CYUP T-Shirt

- Weekly Training Program (running, strength training, mobility)

- Nutritional Recommendations

Payments can be made on the Payment page, Venmo @cyuptraining or check

If you have questions about indoor training, additional training sessions, single sessions or alternate practice times please email

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