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  • Who can participate in CYUP's programs?
    Any person that is eight (8) years old and above can participate in the programs.
  • Is there a limit to the number of participants per group?
    The number will be dependent upon the covid restrictions. As of now, we are only allowing a maximum of 20 athletes indoors per training session.
  • Do I have to be a runner to participate?
    No, you do not have to be a runner. Any individual that wants to become a better athlete can join CYUP.
  • Do I need to bring any equipment or gear?
    The athlete should bring proper running shoes, water and/or some type of sports drink and proper running attire.
  • What type of payment does CYUP accept?
    We accept Credit Card, Check or Venmo
  • What is the cost of training?
    The cost of training varies depending on the program. Please see the Programs page.
  • When can I join training?
    Training is based on a monthly program. No pro rata. Can join anytime. The program is open enrollment.
  • What are the practice hours?
    Practice hours depend on the program. Please see the Practice Page
  • Do I have to wear a mask while practicing?
    No, we do not ask that you wear a mask while practing. However, you must have a mask on whenever entering or exiting the facility or track.
  • Where are practices located?
    Indoor practices are located at the ComEd Recreational Center Outdoor practices are located at River Park Track.
  • My son or daughter is involved in other activities that conflict with CYUP practices. Can he or she still participate?
    Yes. We feel young athletes should not be forced to specialize and encourage involvement in a variety of activities. However, we recommend regular attendance to ensure athletes receive the maximum benefit from their involvement. Consistent participation allows athletes to experience the fitness benefits associated with running and provides athletes the opportunity to foster relationships with teammates.
  • I would like to be more involved with CYUP. How can I help?
    Please email to see how you can help
  • Will my athlete compete in meets?
    Our goal is to have all CYUP athletes compete in meets. We work with each athlete to identify and guide the athlete to the events that best match their interests and abilities.
  • Does CYUP have year round training?
    Yes, CYUP offers programs that go year round. Program information will be posted on the website as it becomes available.
  • What type of clothing should athletes wear to practices?
    Dress appropriate for the expected and possible weather conditions of practices/meets. It is recommended that the shirt closest to the athlete’s body is a wicking material. This will help pull sweat away from the athlete’s skin. On cooler days, additional layers are often needed. The next layer should be a light fleece type of material. Finally, the layer on the very outside of the body should be a wind/rain layer (e.g., a light rain jacket). It is suggested that they bring a bag to practice and meets in case they want to shed layers as they warm up or add layers if they become cold.
  • What should athletes eat before practice/meet?
    There are many different philosophies on pre-competition nutrition. However, a good basic rule of thumb is to only eat foods that easily digest before a practice or competition. Examples include fruits, eggs, and oatmeal. Avoid foods with high fat levels before a competition.
  • My athlete is just getting started in running, is CYUP right for them?"
    We have a number of athletes who are new to running. At practice, we divide CYUP into different groups by age and ability so that athletes are training with other athletes at their experience level.
  • What happens if a practice is cancelled?
    The practice session will be made up on an available future date.
  • How do I know if a practice is cancelled due to weather?
    Often the timing of weather is unpredictable. In the event of a cancellation you will receive an email as soon a decision is made. A decision will be made to cancel practice at least a minimum of 2 hours before practice is set to begin. In addition to an email, a message on Twitter notifying the cancellation of practice. If an email is not sent out, there will be practice.
  • What is the weather policy?
    Practices are modifiied according to weather conditons (i.e., excessive heat or cold, humidity, rain, etc.) Practices are held in the rain and snow. CYUP will be cancelled in the event of lightning or dangerous icy conditions.
  • Can we get a refund?
    A full refund is available if the request is made prior to the first practice. No refunds will be given after the first practice.
  • I've reviewed the website and have additional questions. Whom should I contact?
    Please email We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.
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