Starts November 14
Open To All Ages
Sports Practice

The CYUP Athlete Development Program is designed to make athletics become more athletic. CYUP believes that more athletic individuals remain healthy and injury free. Many sports, especially running, are very repetitive in nature and thus injuries can occur more frequently when other movement patterns are ignored. The focus of this program is to increase the athlete's mobility, agility, running form, muscle balance, proprioception while diminishing weaknesses. We believe that healthy athletes are happy athletes.


The program is designed to be a compliment to any running program or other sport that an athlete participates in. The program does not involve running programming or running training but focuses on the indirect activities that make all athletes great. 

Athletes that move in different planes of motions are less likely to become injured. We believe that our combination of drills, mobility and our targeted strength exercises is what allows our athletes to continue to train pain and injury free. 

Every athlete can be benefit from this program!


SCHEDULE (Tentative)

From: December 11th-January 15th

Days: Saturdays 

Time: 12:00pm-1:15pm

Cost: $150

Location: Comed Rec Center

Limited Size: 8 athletes total

Includes the following:

CYUP Dri-Fit T-Shirt

Weekly Training Program (Agility, Mobility, Strength)

Nutritional Recommendations

Coaching Consultation

Payments can be made on the Payment page, Venmo @cyuptraining or check

If you have questions about indoor training, additional training sessions, alternate practice times please email